The whole process has always seemed stupid to me. The fact that it could be responsible for killing people is another reason why we should scrap this dumb process.

This is the weekend we will be springing it forward. Don't forget to set you're clocks back if you are one of the 2% of people on earth who still own one. I made that last statistic up. However, there are some alarming statistics about the time change this weekend that aren't fiction.

According to a study posted on the University of Michigan's Health page, springing to forward could have a ton of negative effects on our body. Supposedly, heart attack rates increase almost 25% after this weekend. They attribute this to the stress and change in sleep cycles from losing an hour of sleep. Doctors are urging people to start adjusting to the change at least three days prior.

Also, Vox posted numbers that show an increase in car accidents immediately after the change.

Is it time to dump the time change?

Be prepared and stay safe out there.

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