There are many people who have been put in charge of a loved one's ashes, as far as what to do with the ashes after they pass. You might see this 'job' as an honor, you might see it as a burden.

Are you supposed to spread their ashes somewhere? Have you had a discussion about this before they passed or maybe they left the information in their will? So what are you going to do with their ashes?

Can you legally spread the ashes of a loved one in a park in New York State?

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This is one of those things where there is the right answer to the question and then the legal answer to the question. Can you do it? The easy thing for me to tell you is, yes, you can do it, just don't let anyone see you do it. Now is that the legal thing? Not necessarily. 

What is the legal answer regarding spreading a loved one's ashes in a park anywhere in New York State?

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The legal thing to do is get in touch with the town, city, or municipality that the park is in before you spread the ashes. Some towns have a policy that requires you to get a permit in advance. That would be great if you wanted to have a number of people there for the ceremony. There are other towns that do not have a policy, but you should check in advance before you do anything.

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