Someone who is clearly a genius devised a way to have your Christmas cookies decorated by Lego. No, not WITH Lego. BY Lego.

First of all, let me just say how weird it is that apparently you're supposed to pluralize "Lego" with "Lego." After a lifetime of referring to those little bricks, the little men, and every accessory associated with them as "Legos," to be told (very sternly, I'll add) that that is an incorrect pluralization takes a fair amount of getting used to.

Secondly, I have no idea how long it took this individual to come up with this, but we need to get him off of the Lego train on onto ways of making medical procedures and construction of buildings to be more efficient. This brilliance is being wasted upon holiday cookies. We need your brain working on a macro scale, sir/madam/whatever.

Also, props for the bad informercial themed tongue-in-cheek motif.