Earlier this week police in the Village of Liberty responded to an event on North Main Street for a report of an 'injured female'. Officers on the scene quickly determined that the woman had been the female victim of an assault. Police found the victim with multiple lacerations and puncture wounds. Medical personnel reported to the scene and quickly transported the victim to the nearest Medivac Helicopter location, where she was then flown to Westchester Medical Center to be treated for the sustained injuries.


Investigation for the Perpetrator

Once the victim of the crime was taken care of, police immediately began their investigation for the perpetrator of the crime. Luckily for police in this case, they encountered their suspect who was in close vicinity to the crime on Lincoln Place in the Village of Liberty. A foot pursuit ensued with the suspect but quickly ended.

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Following the apprehending of the suspect, Liberty police officially arrested and charged the suspect 24-year-old Jesse Rubio of Liberty with...

...attempted murder in the 2nd degree, robbery in the 1st degree, criminal possession of a weapon in the 3rd degree, and tampering with physical evidence...

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Each of the crimes are classified as felonies. The charge of robbery stems from police finding the phone of the victim in Rubio's possession. Police determined that Rubio also tried to dispose of the weapon that was used in the assault. Police however did find the weapon, a knife during the investigation and took it in as evidence in the case.

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Charges and Arraignment

As it was stated previously, the charges against Rubio are classified as felonies. For the charge of attempted murder in the 2nd degree, Rubio faces a potential penalty of 15-25 years behind bars. The other charges also carry hefty penalties with the potential for time behind bars.

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As it is in any criminal case, charges are merely accusations at this time and Rubio will have his opportunity to combat these charges in court should he choose to exercise that right.

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Following the events and subsequent arrest, Rubio was taken into police custody. Rubio was later taken to the Town of Liberty Court. While in court Rubio was arraigned and then taken to the Sullivan County Jail. Rubio is being held at the jail without bail.

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