Is your local high school filled with a bunch of troublemakers? There are several schools right here on the Hudson Valley that rank high in schools with the most reprimanded students.

Growing up, I've spent my fair share in detention. I was not an exemplary student by any means but strangely enough, I was never suspended. Looking at the suspension rate here in the Hudson Valley, I can say that proudly.

New York Upstate recently released data that followed 50 upstate high schools that tracked their suspensions. Here are the top-ranked schools in the Hudson Valley.

  1. Kingston High School
  2. Ellenville High School 
  3. Poughkeepsie High School
  4. Rondout Valley High School
  5.  Middletown High School 

Were you a student at any of these schools? Were you a trouble maker? Maybe you're a parent now and your kids are little rebels,

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