If you've had your floors installed by Lowe's, you could be in line for a refund. The home improvement giant reached a settlement with New York state that will see more than $1 million dollars going back into customer's pockets.

The retailer had offered installation of carpeting, tile, wood and laminate flooring by third-party contractors at square-foot rates that were applied to materials bought, not those actually installed.

So, basically they were allegedly ordering more product than the job called for, while requiring customers to pay for the entire order of materials, even the flooring that went unused.

Lowe's Home Centers LLC has denied it engaged in deceptive practices. However, they've agreed to pay up to $1.1 million in cash refunds, while an additional $900,000 will go to the state to cover the investigation. Lowe's local locations include Poughkeepsie, Highland Catskill and Ulster.