The long-dormant DeLavall property will see new life as part of a $25 million project to build and develop Poughkeepsie's waterfront. The project will include a mix of commercial and residential properties and will not cost taxpayers a dime to maintain while adding to the tax base.

Hudson Valley Post reports the project is a partnership between the City of Poughkeepsie and the Bonura family. The centerpiece of the the project is a three-story building that will feature apartments to go along with a selection of restaurants.

The 2,300-foot river promenade will be a public space reaching from the far end of the property, all the way to Shadows and The Grandview. The plan is to eventually connect to Kaal Rock and Waryas Park. By the time the project is completed, nearly 100% of Poughkeepsie waterfront will be accessible to the public.

An outdoor amphitheater and public market will also be part of the property. To get a better look at the project you can visit

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