Did you watch 'Making a Murderer' on Netflix when it was released three years ago? The multi-episode documentary focused on Steven Avery and his newphen Brendan Dassey and the murder of Teresa Halbach.

The questions raised by the documentary called into question whether these two men, Dassey just 16 at the time of the murder, were guilty of the crimes and the process that they went through trying to convince people of their innocence.

Making a Murderer 2, focuses on the post conviction process for these two. There are another 10 episodes that have been produced and directed by the same two women who did the first 10 episodes, Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos.

The new episodes will begin on October 19, 2018. Netflix has not announced if they will release all of the episodes at one time or if they will release one episode per week. Do you think that these two guys are guilty? Are they innocent? Have they been wronged by the judicial system or should they be locked up for life?

The previous episodes started a conversation across the nation about prisoners legal rights, about the power for a presidential pardon and the ability to convict someone in the court of personal opinion. Will you be watching (and discussing) the second part of the documentary or will you pass?

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