This weeks edition of Brandi's Future Husband, features a man who is encouraging everyone to produce less waste. He is so passionate about this, he is going to be wearing a suit, which he will be throwing his trash into it all month.

Let me explain, Rob Greenfield of NYC will be allowing a camera crew to follow him around for the next 30 days. It is all a part of Rob's trash journey, a documentary to bring light to the amount of trash each person produces. Rob will be wearing a clear plastic suit all month and any and all trash that he produces, he will stuff into the suit. Rob expects the suit to weigh about 135 pounds by the end of the month long awareness study. He believes that 135 will be the amount of the extra weight, saying that people produce about 5 pounds of waste per person per day.

What do you think? Could this be Brandi's Future Husband? Or will the fact that good hygiene is really important to Brandi going to get in the way?