An out of state man was arrested in Hudson after allegedly robbing cars early Friday morning. He attempted to run but was caught trying to jump a fence. He resisted arrest and bit an officers hand as he tried to get away.

Sidney Robers of South Carolina has been staying in the area lately and was taken into custody and charged with second-degree assault of a police officer which is a felony. He also faces petty larceny and resisting arrest charges which are misdemeanors. Welcome to New York Mr. Roberts. It is illegal to steal things here too. And biting? Really?

A local resident first saw a suspicious man in the neighborhood and called the police. just before 5:00 AM. Hudson Valley 360 reports authorities arrived and began to look for the suspect. Public works worker, Ron Gaylord saw someone who fit the description and notified authorities. Roberts allegedly took off and was apprehended after a short chase.