Thought New Yorkers had seen it all? Well, the subways are known for having a rat problem already. How about a man dressed up as a rat? A performance artist and social media star has decided to have a little fun, though some may find his act a bit tiring or just plain weird. But others seem to get a kick out of it. At least we can say he's not causing any trouble or setting buildings on fire, which we've heard a lot about here in 2020.

The NY Post says that Jonothon Lyons recently brought his Buddy the Rat character out of retirement to do a short film for YouTube. He started getting lots of attention, as some people uploaded the videos of the character on to social media. Guess there's worse things you could be doing in New York City?

Lyons wears his rat mask, with another one beneath it, he says, so at least you know he's not breathing germs all over anyone. He also jokes that plenty of people want to stay at least six feet away from him, so he's also practicing social distancing at the same time. He even wears gloves too. Even the MTA doesn't have a problem with his shangans, as they retweeted a video of him on board with the caption: "Thank you for wearing a mask".

Lyons' Buddy character goes back 11 years, according to the NY Post. Some of his videos have garnered tens of thousands of views on social media.  And while it was mentioned that he had brought the character back to film a movie, you figure if there's a year to dress up as a giant rat and then go out in public and act like a complete weirdo, then it's now.

Besides, the real rats are getting bigger and bigger in major cities across the world, so who'll notice the difference?

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