A 54-year-old man faced sentencing Thursday for his role in an elaborate identify theft ring that targeted multiple state governments. Guy Cuomo will now spend over three and a half years of his life in federal prison, according to the New York Post. However, the Frederick, Maryland man had bigger concerns amid his sentencing. In fact, according to the Post, Cuomo pushed his attorney to tell the judge to inform the jury of something he felt was very important.

We're not sure it had any bearing on his trial, though Guy Cuomo had something he wanted to get off his chest.

I'm Not That Guy! 

The Times Union says that Cuomo was found guilty on all charges back on November 21, and was later sentenced to 45 months in prison. But Guy Cuomo pushed his attorney to get the word out that in spite of his last name, he was not related to former New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. With all the serious charges he was facing, it appears this really, really meant whole a lot to him.

His attorney told Senior U.S. Judge Thomas McAvoy of the Northern District of New York:

That would make Guy happy. He wanted it said, but I told him not to worry about it and that he shouldn't be concerned about it. He won't have any complaint about it.

The Times Union says there was no indication in the court transcripts that the judge ever told jurors Guy and the former Governor were not related.

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Blame it On the Weather

You might be surprised to learn what factor the former Governor blamed for many New Yorkers leaving the state? When you break down the numbers, many people coming to New York are going to New York City or the surrounding counties. In fact, 41 counties in the rest of New York saw nay residents leave the state over the past decade, according to US News.

So why are so many people leaving? The answers you'll often get from residents are lack of high paying jobs and very high taxes. There's more, but these are usually the "big two".

Governor Andrew Cuomo felt differently though. His answer for the mass exodus? Weather. Yes, it's cold here during the winter. But is this really the simple answer? Cuomo told reporters in 2018 after a speech at the Business Council of New York State's annual conference:

 Somebody wants to move to Florida because they want to move to Florida. God bless them. They want to fish. They want warm weather.

So, Just How Many New Yorkers Have Left For Florida? 


New Yorkers have been flocking to Florida for decades. But just how many are fleeing for the warmer climates down south? The Sunshine State gets its share of jokes; with the random bizarre news stories, and from it being in the path of many hurricanes and other severe weather. But its many attractions and beautiful beaches are making some New Yorkers rethink their futures. It was recently voted the second most fun state in the country.

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So, how many born in the Empire State now reside in NYC's most southern "suburb?" The latest Census numbers, posted at WPTV, say that 1.6 million Floridians were born in New York. The figure makes up 8% of the state's population, which is currently 21.9 million (third in the country, right ahead of NY).

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