People do wild stuff when they're under the influence of substances. No, I'm not talking about the music of the late 1960s (or 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, or 10s) that seems to have been fueled largely by taking large quantities of drugs.

I'm talking more about when you're completely out of it because you've knocked back some Robitussin to combat an aggressive cold, or some sleeping aid medication to help you fight insomnia. For some reason, these things change the entire complexion of the world around you and make things so much weirder. Clouded judgment, lethargy, all the stuff that they warn you about on the label.

What they don't warn you about is the stupid financial decisions you will make in the haze of these substances. You might wake up to a whole bunch of crap you ordered that you don't remember having purchased.

Like a yak. Check the story below.