One man is fighting the tyrants of toppings as he shouts, "Give us pizza or give us death!"

We've all heard of the Boston Tea Party which took place in 1773. It looks like 250 years later there is another protest happening and it involves a food very close to the heart of most New Yorkers.

Who doesn't love pizza? Whether you're a big meat eater, vegetarian or even have a gluten free diet you can most likely find amazing pizza especially in the New York State. New York City is filled with pizzerias of all sizes. Some new legislation is making things more stressful for the owners of some of the smaller restaurants.

Why this man is throwing pizza at New York City Officials

According to the New York Post, New York City will be cracking down on restaurants with coal pizza ovens. It looks like the New York City Department of Environmental Protection is ordering pizzerias with these types of ovens to slice (no pun intended) their carbon emissions by roughly 75%. Pizza places with out of date ovens would need to install very expensive equipment in order to be compliant. This purchase could be out of reach for many businesses especially if they're just getting by.

Many believe this style of cooking makes the best pizza especially in Connecticut where they have fewer restrictions.

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Watch an angry man throw pizza towards City Hall. The video has gained millions of views in just over a day.

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