We have all heard of Stonehenge before. What the heck is Manhattanhenge and why did it take over almost every New Yorker's social media page?

We often see headlines about the next crazy moon visible in the Hudson Valley. There's the Supermoon, Blood Moon, Blue Moon and Harvest Moon. We forget about the cool events the sun offers. There's an extremely unique view that exclusive to New York residents.

You may have noticed a lot of people sharing photos on social media recently showing a large sun between to skyscrapers in New York City. Apparently it is called Manhattanhenge and it has become quite popular in recent years. Manhattanhenge is a type of solsitce that occurs in Manhattan twice a year. It was made popular by Neil deGrasse Tyson and the name pays tribute to the ancient rock formation in England.


To get an idea of how amazing the scene truly is here is a video of the solstice uploaded to YouTube in 2013.