The news over the past two months has been met with a lot of fear, and uncertainty. The COVID-19 pandemic has lead to deaths of over 100,000 Americans, plus the devastating effects to our economy. It hasn't been a pleasant time for many, needless to say.

As so many Americans stayed locked in their homes, boredom, anxiety, and stress began to set in. And sometimes when people are stressed, they eat. They'll even given it a name; the Quarantine 15. But will the country she the excess weight? 

A new survey commissioned by Naked Nutrition and conducted by OnePoll, says 49 percent of Americans are concerned they'll never be able to get their pre-Coronavirus bodies back. As gyms are still closed, many Americans feel the lack of exercise and junk food snacking has wrecked their diet plans for the year.

The survey also says that 65 percent of Americans said they've let themselves go bit. And while many have also taken to walking, running, and home workouts, a good portion of the country says they feel less healthily than they did a year ago.

Of course, another question to consider is that as so many people have suffered across the country, and lost loved ones to the pandemic, why are the rest of us considered about a little extra baggage? In fact, officials in Huntington, NY even challenged the entire town to drop the pounds.

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