McDonald's confirmed a number of restaurants are closing.

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McDonald's will close hundreds of fast-food restaurants located inside Walmart by this summer, the Wall Street Journal reports. After another wave of planned closures about 150 McDonald's will remain open at Walmart stores across the country.

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Around 1,000 were open during the 30-year partnership between the largest restaurant chain and the largest retailer in the world.

A list of what McDonald's will soon close hasn't been released but officials say the closures will impact low-volume Walmarts. There are McDonald's located inside Walmart in Newburgh, Monticello and Mohegan Lake, according to McDonald's website.

In July 2020, McDonald's announced plans to accelerate planned closures and shutdown 200 locations. The burger chain said they were shutting down "lower-volume restaurants," with more than half of the 200 closures coming from McDonald's located inside Walmart.

Walmart plans to open up Domino's, Taco Bell or other fast-food businesses in place of McDonald's. Some Walmart locations already feature Domino's while Subway can be found in other Walmart stores.

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