Residents walking near 54th Street were in for quite a shock when they saw hundreds of bees buzzing around. There are so many in the picture that it looks like it is snowing.

Twitter: ABCNews
Twitter: ABCNews

Bees love apples. I guess they love the Big Apple too. We all know that New York City has a pretty big rat problem. Did anyone know that bees were there in such large swarms? You have to see it to believe it.

This image looks like a scene right out of a horror movie. Either a horror movie or that old movie with Macaulay Culkin. Bee keepers were reportedly called in to safely remove and relocate the insects.

Massive bee swarm in New York City.

Have you ever seen a hive or swarm so big? How did the swarm get so big? One reply on the thread seems to offer a good explanation.

You have to admit that if the person on the other side of that glass window must have got quite an awesome sight.

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