The workers at the fast food chain were probably shocked when they heard someone try to order this.

Most of us know what a secret menu at a restaurant or fast food place is. For those who don't it's when you order something that's not advertised on the menu and the place still makes it for you.

I made my parents do this A LOT when I was a kid. I did not eat a lot of meat when I was younger and still don't eat red meat (I just don't digest it well) so it made things a little complicated when we went to get fast food after a practice.

I can't even tell you how we thought of this, but we came to the conclusion that I liked cheese and bread so how about a cheeseburger with no meat? It was kinda like a McDonald's grilled cheese, sort of...I still wish we took a picture of the poor worker's face when we first ordered this.

McDonald's secret menu hack:

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As strange as it was, they made it and it was great. There was only one McDonald's near where I lived (shoutout to the one in Cheshire, Connecticut) so we'd see the same people working there a lot. It started to catch on and when we came in most of them chuckled and made the "grilled cheese". Every now and then there's be someone new working and they'd struggled with it (trust me I know how odd it must have seemed), but eventually they caught on.

We still laugh about it today and my dad jokes that he used to beg my mom to order it because he was embarrassed to ask LOL. It's funny because we had a secret menu item before that even become a thing and popular.

Since then I've upgraded to chicken nuggets and fries.

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