It is almost McRib season (didn't know there was one?). It officially kicks off Monday. Not all McDonald's will have them. This is what McD's had to say about it. McDonald's is not distributing its McRib sandwich nationally this year.  The popular sandwich will only be available at participating restaurants. Gasp! Representatives of the fast-food chain say the McRib always makes a big entrance on menus and they don't want to steal its thunder.
While the McDonald's Corporation is not saying when the McRib will be officially be  available, Monday is sited by several fast food lover's blog as "McRib Day".

(Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)
(Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images)

Will your local McDonald's have it? No official word from the company, but you can use the McRib locator which relies on good people like yourself to report where they have seen the elusive McRib.