Do you feel like the current crop of presidential candidates just doesn't go far enough in discussing the possibility of UFOs and time travel? Well, have I got a candidate for you.

Andrew D. Basiago, a man you might not have heard of unless you're into the world of conspiracy theories or a listener of Coast to Coast, has such a strong conspiracy theory game that he's advocating transparency about theories I didn't even know existed.

Sure, many have heard about the alleged existence of chemtrails, UFOs, aliens, all that--and don't get me wrong, he's all-in on those things, too, but his website also talks about how he, as president, would expose the things that presidents have been dishonest about, like the fact that they were all informed in advance that they would be president.

He's running for president to expose the world to the fact that all of the prior presidents knew about their presidencies before they happened.

Which leads one to wonder... why would he campaign at all? If he was going to be president... wouldn't he already know it?

He's also in favor of protecting the Sasquatch under the Endangered Species Act.

Here, see for yourself. Stay woke.