At least a mythical creature hasn't offended anyone yet. Yet.

I am huge fan of conspiracy theories, aliens and monsters. When I heard the a nearby town voted to have their mascot changed to big foot I had to investigate.

In what sounded like a publicity stunt turned out to be completely true. According to The Times Union, The Town of Whitehall's town representatives all voted recently in favor of the change. The town of Whitehall boarders Vermont and is approximately 45 minutes north of Albany.

The town believes in Sasquatch so much that they even have a "Big Foot Appreciation Day."

You've got to admit that these creatures can't possibly offend any kind of animial rights organization.

Maybe in the future some other towns will hop on board. Get ready for the Walden Werewolves, the Unionvale Unicorns and the Pine Bush Probers.

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