The landmark armory that one held the WRRV Studios is up for sale and could be yours for under a million bucks. The facility located at 50 Highland Ave was originally listed for sale on in the winter of 2017 but the post was just updated with a for sale price of $795,000.  The building has a lot of potential uses but would require a significant investment to bring it up to date.

Cool features include a full basketball court right when you walk in the front door. There are parking spaces in the basement to go along with the shooting range. And of course, several rooms that could serve as broadcast studios.

It is listed as a National Historic US Armory but is not on the National Historic Register so renovations and upgrades can be made without jumping through a lot of hoops. The property is zoned to be a school, gym, community center, museum or maybe it'll even see new life as a radio station.

There are more than 18,000 square feet of usable space in the building but you'll have to be ready for a $19,000 tax bill every year.

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