More wet weather for the Hudson Valley, as we get effected by a warm and cold front.  Clouds rule on Tuesday, with a chance of showers.  Temps will be hanging out in the mid 70’s.  Then Tuesday night, more showers and thunderstorms as a warm front move through the region.

Then another front, this time a cold front starts to move into the Hudson Valley on Wednesday.  This will touch off more showers and thunderstorms.  That will usher in much cooler area, and fair less humid.  Sunshine comes back to the valley by Thursday.

Here’s the latest forecast from the National Weather Service:

Tuesday:  Mostly cloudy, with a chance of showers, especially in the afternoon.  High near 76.

Tuesday night:  Showers likely, with a possible thunderstorm.  Low around 70.

Wednesday:  Showers and thunderstorms, expected before noon.  Then scattered showers for the rest of the day.  High near 83.

Thursday:  Sunny, high near 77.