As usual, I'll start off by saying Happy Friday! There are a few new movies out today, I think I'll have a better chance and picking the top box office movie this weekend. I've been getting it wrong for the past three weeks or so, but we shall see.

Out this week are Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, the movie with the new Captain Kirk, Chris Pine. It's a Tom Clancy character turned movie once again so it should be pretty good. Ride Along a buddy-cop comedy with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart that looks pretty generic but I like those guys. Devil's Due is the scary movie of the week. The idea behind that one is that a lady is preggo with the spawn of Satan and she turns evil because of the evil in her. The last one out today is the animated movie The Nut Job, which follows a squirrel who plans the heist of his life to steal a bunch of nuts. I guess it's supposed to be like The Italian Job, but with animals and nuts.

Well, it looks like we've got the action, comedy, horror and animated kids movies today hitting most of the genres. This week though, I'm going to have to go with the Tom Clancy inspired one with Captain Kir....I mean Chris Pine, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. This is my official pick because it appeals to the largest movie-going audience.

We'll see what happens this weekend. As always let me know if you plan on seeing any of these or which one you think will be the top one this weekend. Check out the trailer for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit below.