Key parts of the NFL draft will be held in the Lower Hudson Valley.

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Last week, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced the upcoming NFL Draft is going virtual. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the draft will be held fully virtual. Teams are required to have executives and other team officials complete the draft from home.

The three-day draft starts Thursday, April 23, with all 32 teams making their picks remotely. 58 NFL prospects will be virtual participants.

Commissioner Goodell will announce picks from his basement. Goodell's basement is where the Hudson Valley enters the draft.

Goodell grew up in Westchester County and still lives in Bronxville. He will announce all 32 first-round picks from the basement of his Bronxville home, NBC's Peter King reports.

Gooddell was born near Buffalo in 1959. His family moved to Bronxville in 1971. Goodell attended Bronxville High SChool was a three-sport star, playing football, basketball and baseball.

ESPN and the NFL Network are teaming up for a joint broadcast of the draft that will air on both networks, NBC reports.

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