A movie theater will soon be bringing back dinner and a show in the Hudson Valley.

With movie theater attendance dropping (thanks a lot, Netflix), theater owners are trying to think of ways to bring back customers. That's exactly what Terrell Braly, the visionary behind Alamo Drafthouse, is doing: thinking of ways to get people to experience movies in a theater. According to Hudson Valley 360, Braly will be opening Cosmic Cinemas in Hudson this November.

According to Cosmic Cinemas website, they're trying to attract the mature, adult moviegoer. They do not allow kids under 17 in any movie unless accompanied by an adult and there are absolutely no babies allowed. Plus, no cell phones in the theater either.

In addition to their no kid policy, Cosmic Cinemas also says their menu is for a more sophisticated palate. While they'll have your classic movie popcorn, they'll also offer full meals like handmade pizza, fresh burgers, hand cut fries and more. Plus, they'll have a full beer, wine, and cocktail menu. Expect specialty cocktails and lots of microbrews.

Cosmic Cinemas is set to open on November 16 at Fairview Plaza in Hudson, in the old location of the Fairview Cinema III.