How many times has this happened to you: You start to do a normal task, like taking out the trash or bringing your dog outside for a walk, and you are stopped in your tracks by what you see in front of you. The natural beauty of our area is one of the many reasons we all love to call the Hudson Valley home. For me, it happens every morning when I open my living room curtains in my house in Newburgh and I catch the sunrise peaking through the bare trees. Whatever plans I had for the next few minutes are put on hold as I watch the sky change colors.

There's also something extra special about the Hudson Valley in the wintertime. Sure, fall foliage is a magnet for leaf-peeping tourists every year, and the summertime brings verdant views from every mountaintop, but at least for me, the fact that nature persists with its elegance while most of us are hiding indoors from frostbite is not only impressive, but a reminder that in many ways we're just observers on this planet as the natural world shifts and changes around us.

Luckily, in addition to the stunning scenery we have all around us, we also have amazing local photographers to capture it. From breathtaking views of the Hudson River, to unbelievable wildlife moments, we have our neighbors to thank for immortalizing these fleeting moments on camera. So continue scrolling to see 11 of the most beautiful winter moments in the Hudson Valley captured this year from some of our most talented residents.

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