My wife said I can get her this upgrade for our 30th anniversary. I think I might need a little more time to save.

Before I proposed to my wife I was overrun with anxiety. I spent weeks trying to find the perfect ring. I did all the guys in Upstate New York a favor. I found the perfect ring for you. Whether you can afford it or not is all on you.

They say that Diamonds are a girl's best friend. This ring probably could replace a person. It certainly weighs as much as a small child.

We haven't had big weddings in over a year and a jeweler in the Capital Region of New York must be ready for them to come back bigger than ever with an extra emphasis on the bigger part.

According to the staff at Hannoush Jewelers in Albany, owner Albert Hannoush created a monster diamond ring. On a post on social media, Albert claims the stunning custom ring has almost a 5 1/2-carat ideal cut round diamond in the center of an 18-carat white gold band and setting that is showered with almost three carats of small diamonds!

The staff at Hannoush Jewelers in Albany confirmed that the value of the ring is around $127,000.

Check out these photos of this spectacular and beautiful ring.

Albert Hannoush
Albert Hannoush
Albert Hannoush
Albert Hannoush


The ring wasn't made for anyone specifically but was a fun project for Albert.

Staff at Hannoush Jewelers report that the ring has not sold just yet though some people are looking.

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