NASA will be sending a real deal astronaut to an upcoming event put on by the Walkway Over The Hudson. According to a press release from Senator Schumer's office, the astronaut visit on September 7th is meant to inspire local students to reach for the stars.

STARWALKS are free and open to the public and offers a unique opportunity to learn more about the stars with a one of a kind view from the Walkway. The STARWALK program will rotate with the ongoing Moonwalk series through October 26th and offer different themes each week.

Schumer paid a visit to the Walkway last week where he made the announcement.

Here's a look at the full schedule via

  • July 15th 8:30 - Starwalk - When the Moon Meets Venus
  • July 27th 8:00 - Moonwalk
  • August 12 8:00 - Starwalk - Shooting Stars and Big Planets
  • August 24th 7:30 - Moonwalk
  • September 7th 7:30 - Starwalk - Distant Realms: Neptune and Andromeda
  • September 21st 7:00 - Moonwalk
  • October 5th 6:00 - Starry Starry Night - Walkway Benefit Event
  • October 26th 6:00 - Moonwalk

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