We have done a lot of "Best of..." articles here at Townsquare. We are all about promoting the local community and commerce, and we are excited to share the best that the Hudson Valley has to offer.

That being said, as I've been doing some research recently, I've read some nasty, and hilariously terrible reviews. Some made little to no sense. Some were so off topic and seemed to become someone's therapy session rather than a restaurant review. Some were beautifully over-the-top and dramatic. There were others who knew they were being comedians and simply owned it.

So, when I say "Nastiest," I don't mean that these are the most scathing reviews left about a McDonald's. Just because they maybe heated and furious, it does not mean that they are all entertaining. I mean that they are the weirdest, funniest, and worst reviews that I could find.

As for my sample area, I looked at reviews for multiple McDonald's locations in Poughkeepsie, Kingston, and Newburgh.

Why did I choose McDonald's to cover? Like this is going to hurt business for McDonald's in the slightest. They are a multi-billion dollar corporation. One little article listing off terrible reviews they've received will mean absolutely nothing. It is simply here for our overall enjoyment!

Are you aware of any other cringe, horrible and hysterical reviews? What other chains should we look into next? Burger King? Wendy's? Taco Bell? Let us know on the app, or leave us a comment on social media!

Nastiest McDonald's Google Reviews from the Hudson Valley

These reviews of Hudson Valley McDonald's are just outrageous. I scoured reviews for the craziest reviews. #13 had me dying of laughter!

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