Nerds of the science fiction world can rejoice because your favorite film, TV and book genre has its own day. Set your phasers to stun, live long and prosper and feel free to geek out without consequence.

If you've already seen the latest Star Wars movie twenty times than today will at least offer you a reason to go see it one more time.

It's national science fiction day here in the Hudson Valley. How will you celebrate?

If you're thinking Jan. 2 seems like a random day to celebrate, you would be wrong. According to National Day Calendar's website, today is famous sci-fi author and New York native Isaac Asimov's birthday. Asimov was born in the USSR but resided in Brooklyn.

His work sparked imagination and paved the way for a lot of what we see and read today.

How will you celebrate today? Personally, I'm going to have to watch The Fifth Element at least three times.

I still need to check out the latest Star Wars.