August 10, 2017 is National Spoil Your Dog Day. When it became an official day, does anyone really know?

I personally think that this day takes place every single day in my home. How do I spoil Scrappy? I don't give him people food, I let him sleep where ever he wants, which occasionally includes sleeping on me. Case in point, watching TV. The only place he wants to be is on my lap.

Small price to pay for all the love that he gives me back.

Here are a few ways that you can participate in National Spoil Your Dog Day, and I am not purposely leaving cats out of this, just waiting for October 29, I will get the cute photos of Princess Sophia ready for you.

  • Scratch some tummies
  • Hand out a few extra dog treats
  • Let them sleep on the couch
  • Go for an extra long walk (or two)
  • Head to the dog park
  • Go for a ride in the car
  • If your dog likes to be brushed, brush away!
  • Pick up doggy ice cream for dessert

How will you spoil your dog today? Can't do it today? National Dog Day is August 26, 2017.