Think your college diploma is a waste? Natty Light found a good use for it.

College is expensive. Whether you go to a community college, state university, private school, or graduate program, it costs A LOT. Natural Light, aka Natty Light, wants to raise awareness about the costs. To do so, they need to borrow your diploma.

According to their website, Natty Light will pay you $100 to borrow your diploma. They'll send you shipping supplies, and then return it to you in the same condition you sent it. If they use your diploma, they'll pay you $100 via CashApp or check. Simple as that! The issue is, is that they're only taking a limited amount of diplomas. So if you make the cut, you could be $100 richer.

Their website hasn't fully disclosed what they're doing with the diplomas, it just says they're "brewing up something big". You can get more information about getting paid for your diploma here.

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