One County Executive say's if the state won't take action he will.

This week Albany County Executive Daniel McCoy signed a new law that will increase the legal age to purchase tobacco products to 21. Albany County now joins Suffolk and Chautauqua Counties as the only counties in the state to raise the age to 21. The law not only covers the purchase of tobacco products but also includes the purchase of liquid nicotine or e-cigarattes. In a press release McCoy says the law will save lives.

“By signing this law, we are making a choice to help kids stay away from all tobacco products, not just cigarettes,” said McCoy. “There are kids who use multiple tobacco products and that is troubling to me. I am proud that once again Albany County is providing leadership on an issue that the state has yet to address.”

According to the County the law will take effect as soon as it's file with the Secretary of State.