Well, I know what I'm going to binge on during the next snow storm.

I was a huge James Bond fan growing up. That may be an understatement. It's safe to say that I had a sick obsession with the James Bond franchise. So we're clear, this wasn't like two years ago. I was 7 and I actually believed that I could be a secret agent.

Who didn't want to be James Bond at some point? You get a sweet car, beautiful women and sweet gadgets.

Who is your favorite actor who played James Bond? I think every generation as has their own. I feel like mine was Pierce Brosnan.

Does it get any better than Goldeneye?

I was basically a fan of all of his films as Bond.

I also don't think James Bond films get enough credit for setting the bar for the future. I was just watching Tomorrow Never Dies and it had car that remotely started and could self drive.

I could ramble all day about these films. I think I'll get back to watching them.