Who hasn't lost a favorite pair of sunglasses? The amount of money people have spent in losing and replacing sunglasses has to rival the amount traded on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

It's happened to me so many times that every time I go somewhere, I have to do quick math in my head about how much time I think I'm actually going to spend outdoors needing my sunglasses to see whether or not it's even worth the risk of losing them versus keeping them in my car.

Well, fear not! For a mere $350, you can ensure that you never lose your precious sunglasses again, as these new ones from Tzukuri connect to your iPhone.

That's right: you can track your sunglasses. Courtesy of Time:

Should you wander off without your glasses, the app will alert you at 16 feet, 32 feet and 50 feet. The glasses have a range of 82 feet, and their last known location can be plotted on a map if you lose them. The technology to do all this stuff is crammed into a tiny three-millimeter chip hidden in the glasses, which is recharged via solar power.


FINALLY technology is being useful, bringing us more than the ability to grocery shop from home, easy access to pornography, and the ability to be a jerk to celebrities we don't like on Twitter.

Wait. All that stuff is great.

Technology owns.