Say goodbye to Snooki and hello to some good book in Beacon, NY.

The Snooki Shop is no more and it looks like the business that has moved in is the total opposite of what the former reality star represented.

Jersey Shore took the world by storm in 2009. The success of the show had everyone talking about when they have time for GTL (gym, tan, laundry).

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Now it looks like residents of Beacon and Dutchess County can add reading a book to that mantra. Maybe they can read while waiting for the laundry cycle. A bookstore just opened up shop in the old location of the short-lived clothing store.

Despite being in an age where almost everything is digital there is still a necessity for us to escape the computer screen and one of the best ways is to read g good book. Reading exercises the brain, helps with focus, entertains and is a healthy way to fall asleep after a stressful day.

New Bookstore Opens in Beacon, NY

Andrea Jade Talarico and Mark Harris who are writers themselves announced that their bookstore, Stanza Books opened on November 7th in downtown Beacon.

Stanza Books is located at 508 Main Street in Beacon, New York and is an all-ages retail and events space in the city’s historic East End.

“Our store will offer a similar journey, where ‘rooms’ will be gestured at in the design: a study full of stationery, greeting cards and gifts; a salon bursting with literature and fiction; and a library stacked high with books on history, philosophy and other works which explore the human condition.” - Andrea Jade Talarico, Co-Owner, Stanza Books

The bookstore is open for business.

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