One of The Simpson's most beloved characters has recently been under fire for being racist and insensitive. What do you think?

Growing up in the 90's The Simpson's almost became a daily tradition in my house. They played reruns every day and we'd always catch the latest episode on Sunday nights. As a kid I don't think that I would have noticed the stereotype that Apu symbolizes but as I grew up I definitely started to notice. Let's face it. Apu Nahasapeemapetilon is a stereotype and is offensive to some.

A documentary on Tru TV called The Problem with Apu has started to point out the issue with famous character. Apu is a scheming, pot bellied convenience store owner voiced by a white man.

"This was all we had. This is how America viewed us."

Apu is insensitive but is it fair to say that is how America views Indians? Though we can admit that Apu is a stereotype what can we do to remedy the issue? Do the artists recreate him?