You've probably seen the ads about how easy it is to take pictures of unwanted items around your house and sell them on-line or through an app.


While it is easy to upload a photo, add a description, and set the price, what about safety?  Specifically, your safety. Do you really know who's coming to buy your products?  Do you really know who you're buying a product from? They seem okay on-line, but we all know better, right?

That's why police departments across the Hudson Valley are creating e-commerce zones for safer transactions for those who buy and sell on line.

The New Windsor Police Department are the latest to add these safety zones. Two parking spaces in the front parking lot of the Police Department on 555 Union Avenue in New Windsor are now designated for e-commerce exchanges and will have 24-hour video surveillance.

So, whether you use Craigslist, Facebook, LetGo, EBay, or any of the other on-line selling and exchanging sites, you have a safe place to buy your new treasures and to make money from your old ones.