You may have noticed a little bit a of change in the noon o' clock hour.

This week we made some changes at the station that have this DJ headed down a memory lane filled with frilly socks, thick bangs and headbands. Clearly, I owned all the looks and man could my brother rock some white slacks. You're welcome!

Now what could have me strolling down memory lane in such great fashion?? Well my new favorite feature of course, '90s at noon. And yes, I may be a little biased but the new noon line up is sure to please. We've got a non-stop music hour filled with your favorite and more unique WRRV '90s tunes sure to take you back to a better time.

A time of fubry's, pongs, hammer pants, N Sync* (yeah I did the star) and so many other amazing memories. I hope you love this new feature as much as I do. Please feel free to weigh in. This is an interactive hour. I'd love to hear your suggestions...only two must be under the alt genre and it must be from the '90s. Check out a taste of what's in store below.

Now go talk to the hand, don't have a cow man, schwing and Hasta la!