The Jerky Boys are back and they've let the Hudson Valley in on the joke this time.

If you grew up in the age before cell phones and caller ID there's a good chance that you've made a prank phone call once or twice or if you're like me maybe over a dozen times. However, just because you make a few crank calls doesn't make you professional.

Did you know that the real professional and arguably the king of crank calls lives right here in the Hudson Valley?

Johnny Brennan, creator of The Jerky Boys, comedian and voice over artist who's appeared in hit television shows like Family Guy has been making people laugh with his hilarious antics for over two decades now. The Jerky Boys are back with new content.

Brennan released the new self titled album. The Jerky Boys on November 27 almost 30 years since his first album that was released in 1993. When chatting with Johnny he vented that the project was really a labor of love as the process is very different than it was in the '90s.


When asked about the hurtle of making a prank call let alone enough of them to put an album together in the age of cell phones Brennan said, "Back in the day, you call, they pick up the phone and you go. Nobody picks up their phone anymore and keep in mind too that today people are just sitting around waiting to be pranked because of all these asinine prank shows. I might have to have gone through 10, 15 maybe 20 tries."

The challenges paid off as the new album has experienced success on both Amazon and Apple Music giving tons of laughs to a whole new generation and an awesome sense of nostalgia to old fans.

Fans can catch the cast of characters they all know and love like Sol Rosenberg, Jack Tors and Frank Rizzo on the new album playfully wreaking havoc on residents all of the Hudson Valley from New Paltz to Wappingers.

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