If testing brothels for quality control purposes sounds like a job you've been waiting for, good news is coming your way, friend.

Just like any business owners, those in the sex trade have to be sure they're putting out a consistent, reliable product. With that in mind, the heads of a German brothel (does that count as a pun? If so, apologies) are seeking some helping hands (that was definitely a pun and, again, apologies).

The advert appeared on Kaufmich.com — which translates as "BuyMe.com" - a social media platform for sex workers, clients, brothels and companies specialising in the erotic business.

According to the advert the job is for an international company with more than 120 workers in Germany, China and Spain.

The ad claims to want people with a university degree, preferably a degree in business, experience of brothels, and a full health certificate.

A multilingual person is desired, with knowledge of French a particular advantage.


Maybe that sounds like a dream job to you. But I implore you to consider that when things aren't so great in the brothel department, it seems like they could go really, really wrong.

Hey, maybe with this new opportunity, Tiger doesn't have to worry about missing so much time on the golf course this year.