Did you ever drive by a place on a regular basis and say, "someday I will have to stop there to see what it is all about." The New Paltz Trading Post is definitely one of those places, but it looks like our chance to stop in has passed.

The New Paltz Trading Post is located just north of New Paltz on Route 32. It was known for carrying Red Wing boots mostly because it had a big Red Wing sign in its window. Their social media description says they carried boots and leathers. It also mentions that they have been in business since 1972. However, it looks like they have closed their doors and no one seems to know when it happened.

Is New Paltz Trading Post Closed?

I saw on Facebook last night (January 9th, 2022) that someone had posted a question asking if The New Paltz Trading post had closed. They had driven by and seen a rope across the entrance. To be honest, other than an occasional car and the open sign lit in the window I was never sure when they were open. Before writing this article I called the number listed and unfortunately, I got the message that the number is disconnected.

Two pairs of cowboy footwear

Shopping at New Paltz Trading Post

According to the comments left on Facebook, many folks have memories of getting boots at the store. Work boots and cowboy boots seemed to be the theme. One person commented that they did business the old fashion way with customers' info kept on index cards for easy reference.

So When Did they Close?

No one seems to be able to put a timeline together for when the New Paltz Trading Post might have closed. Most of the comments I saw were from people who had shopped there quite a while ago. One person even commented that they thought you needed a secret password to gain entry. Someone suggested that they closed at some point in 2021.

Sadly, we may never find out what happened to the New Paltz Trading Post or what will become of it. But please, if you have more information let us know so we can update this story.

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