If one of your resolutions/goals/to-do's for 2020 was to find yourself a new job or career, now is the time to start!  Many businesses and organizations post employment opportunities at this time of year, so it is the perfect time to make some improvements to the resume, dust off the ol' interview suit, and get down to business.

A few tips to pass along regarding the job search process that might be helpful:

  • Check in with your college career office.  Many colleges offer lifetime job related assistance through their career offices, so why not utilize the alma mater and get some advice, a resume makeover and see how they can help you get started.
  • Update your LinkedIn profile, or create one if you don't have one.  Many employers are checking LinkedIn before anything else, so make sure you're represented and up to date for your online employment profile.
  • While we're talking online, clean up your social media - employers are as good at digging as we are.
  • Use your existing networks - don't burn bridges and use your connections if you have them!
  • Do your research, and lots of it.  Don't go into an interview without preparing yourself - know the company/business/organization, their mission, goals, and so on, and go in with some questions prepared.

These are just a few helpful hints to get you started on the right foot for 2020 if a new job might be on the horizon.  Do you have any other suggestions for job seekers?