Everyone who gets a tattoo knows that there are some risks when you get them. I'm not talking necessarily about making sure you go to a clean place or the complications of the healing process or anything of the like--although, of course, those are significant considerations too--but instead about the social costs of certain tattoos.

Despite the mainstreaming of tattoo culture in the form of television shows and seemingly every pop culture figure brandishing some form of art on their body, there's still a stigma in some workplaces. But how much it affects one's chance of employment varies greatly: the tattoo's placement on the body, the content of the tattoo, and whether you'll be working in a very corporate or customer-facing job.

But the company for which you work (or aspire to work) also plays a role in determining how much your career will be impacted by your choice in ink. How much will it be affected, and which companies are the best to work for with regard to having tattoos? Check the infographic below. Click on it to enlarge and be sure to check out this article for more information.