Scoring a perfect game in bowling is a rare accomplishment, but to do it under two minutes is just ridiculous. A New York bowler has set what is thought to be the world record for fastest time to bowl a perfect game. reports Ben Ketola was able to score a strike in 12 straight frames in just under 87 seconds at a Cortland, NY bowling alley on April 5. The 23-year-old works at the lanes and wasn't expecting to do it, he just wanted to see how fast he could get across the lanes while bowling.

It's important to note that there is no official record for this kind of speed bowling in the Guinness Book. Ketola was aiming to beat out a pro bowler by the name of Tom Dougherty who completed the task in just under two minutes in 2015.

Now, I'm no expert but I was suspicious. Is this even possible to do? I inspected the video for any kind of edits or special effects and there is no evidence of any.