A shocking video of the top floor of a parking structure crumbling down in New York City is sweeping the internet.

New York City has limited parking spaces. Travelers and even residents are forced to keep their cars stored in a parking structure. Some keep them there long term. Some parking structures have to house hundreds of cars throughout multiple levels.

How do these structures hold tons of weight? The proper placement of concrete and steel can make sure these structures can support the weight.

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The unimaginable happened at a parking structure in New York City and it was captured on video. According to NBC New York, 1 person was killed and 5 others were injured because of the collapse. They also report that the incident took place at approximately 4 p.m. on Tuesday. The Department of Buildings reported to NBC that the structure was up to date on its permits however there may have been more cars parked than permitted.

  Here is a video of the tragic incident that was posted on Twitter:

  Do you remember when something similar happened in Poughkeepsie? People still talk about this incident today.

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