Every major city in America will have its fair share of rats but the issue ha been getting out of control in New York City for years. New York even ranked second the list of 'Rattiest Cities in America' according to Orkin.

Mayor Adams declared war on rats and even hired someone to help deal with the issue. The public position even came with a 6 figure salary. Bloomberg reported that the salary paid around $155,00.

Their has not been much reported on the Rat Czar's accomplishments but there was a a community event held in Harlem recently that asked for volunteers to help clean the city streets. The event looks like it was planned by The Department of Parks & Recreation, Department of Sanitation and Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Imagine living in New York City where your tax dollars go to hire a person to handle the rat problem and their genius idea is to ask for volunteers to clean up litter from the streets.

This sounds like something right out of The Simpsons. I'm reminded of that episode where everyone in Springfield chases down snakes.

Last week the community of Harlem held Anti-Rat Day of Action.

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