KFC just announced that they have made a gravy scented candle. Why can't New York have a candle? Wait, it does. I had no idea. Did you?

My search for a the new gravy scented candle brought me to New York's candle. Who wouldn't want to experience the aroma of The Empire State?

Homesick Candles has a list of cakes from almost every state. Also, in true New York fashion, NYC even has its own candle as well.

The New York candle has a few different scents such as Apple, Nutmeg, Cloves, Cinnamon, Pumpkin, Hay, and Tonka Bean.

Of course there is apples in it. What are some other scents that should be in it? You would think there would be a hint of pizza in it. Can we get some drops from The Hudson River in there?

Could these candles be the perfect gift for someone who moved out of state?

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